Custom Cleaning

Small Equipment Cleaning

It makes good business sense to keep your parking lot’s asphalt and concrete surfaces clean because they represent a significant investment. The key component of an ongoing parking lot maintenance programme for your retail facility’s tight areas is power sweeping of all hard surfaces with small equipment. Portering services may also include power blowing sidewalks, corners, and loading docks, as well as cleaning trash from islands and perimeter grounds, emptying trash receptacles, and replacing trash can liners.


Along with removing unsightly debris, routine parking lot sweeping removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other grit that is known to shorten the life of your parking lot’s pavement, striping, and seal coating. Repaving or repairing a parking lot typically costs more than the cost of regularly scheduled parking lot sweeper cleaning. Additionally, it is well established that the cleanliness of a parking lot is a significant factor in determining the quality of a business or retail area, residential community, or commercial space. What is not cleaned from the pavement surfaces adjacent to your business is tracked into your store or building, causing increased wear and tear on interior floor surfaces and increasing the cost of janitorial services. We also offer pressure washer cleaning services in addition to our parking lot sweepers.

We recognise how valuable facility managers’ time is. The number of vendors should always be reduced, according to corporate accounts management. Your ever-growing “Contract Vendor” list, on the other hand, is probably already becoming unmanageable. Allow our expert contract cleaning service team to actively collaborate with you to establish a single point of responsibility for the upkeep of your commercial and retail parking lots and garages across many locations – whether throughout a region or across the country.

You may have a dependable, competent staff keeping your reputation shining clean in the eyes of your clients with only one parking lot sweeping business contact for billing, routing, and quality control. We recognise that each location is unique, so before we begin, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will establish a detailed service plan to ensure that your site(s) is maintained to your requirements without causing service disruptions.

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