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Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning

Throughout the harsh winters in Calgary a few different materials are used to combat snow, ice and the slippery conditions. Some of the materials used are; gravel, salt, and traction sand. As winter nears its end and as spring begins, the snow and ice in Calgary slowly starts to melt leaving behind quite the mess in parking lots, parking garages and on walkways. This mess can not only be a safety hazard but can also be a complete eye sore for your clients or neighbors. Give us a call and get the best parking lot cleaning service Calgary has to offer!

Parking lot cleaning service

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Commercial Sweeping Services

Parking Lot Sweeping Company in Calgary

Parking Lot Cleaning Preparation

Before beginning any job, our team will meet on site to discuss the best strategy for completing the task at hand. Before we begin, we ask that as many barriers and cars as possible be removed from the area so that we can provide the finest service possible. Most of the time, it is preferable for our crew to begin work after regular business hours; nevertheless, our hours are flexible, as we want to make this cleaning experience as convenient and safe as possible for you and your customers. Check out our prices page for our very competitive prices and contact us for a free estimate. 

Your Parking Lot Sweeping Company

Our hardworking, careful team of expert sweeping service providers can undertake any sweeping service project, from large commercial lots to smaller retail or grocery store lots. We utilise a fleet of trucks and trailers, mid-sized to small machines, sweepers, and back pack blowers to complete the project safely, efficiently, and with the least amount of disruption possible. Not only do we sweep and clean up the trash left over from the winter (traction material and waste), but we also offer power washing and year-round cleaning services.

Retail Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping equals safety

Springtime is a critical time to sweep and clean retail and grocery store parking lots! With all of the winter debris left behind, customers have a difficult time pushing their carts to their vehicles. Cleanliness is inviting and contributes significantly to the safety of customers and clients. As sweeping service professionals, we guarantee the highest possible level of quality, convenience, and efficiency. We strive to be as unobtrusive as possible; in order to accomplish this, our team is available after or before business hours.

Commercial Parkade Cleaning

Parkade Cleaning Services

Parkades accumulate a great deal of dust, dirt, and debris over the course of the year. This is especially true following the winter season. In the winter, different types of sands and gravels are used to provide traction in slick conditions. These materials are tracked into the parking garage, resulting in dusty and unclean conditions. We have the  ability and equipment to reach every corner of any parking structure. We have a fleet of small to midsize sweepers that we use to ensure that all debris is swept up and removed. When this is complete, we will be able to begin power washing the stalls and walls if wanted. Please move as many vehicles from the parkade  prior to our arrival, and if this is not possible, we will do our best to work around any vehicles or obstacles that may be present.

Power Washing Services

Our crew is equipped with the knowledge and training to safely power wash and clean many different surface types
such as; concrete, asphalt, paving stone, concrete curbs and walls completely revitalizing them. We are able to take
on both residential and commercial power washing projects. Power Washing services are available with parking lot sweeping packages or also available at a per hour cost. See our pricing page for more details. 

Walkway Sweeping Services

Custom Sweeping Services

As a professional parking lot sweeping service, we have a variety of different sized equipment for all sweeping services in Calgary. Which does not preclude us from undertaking smaller projects such as cleaning walkways and passageways. Our experienced crews use a variety of back pack blowers, and small ride on sidewalk sweeping equipment.

    We use electric blowers in areas where the combustion motor fumes can be a problem or because of the noise pollution . For extremely small and restricted areas, we have the necessary hand tools to clean your property of debris and prepare your property for the summer season.

Parking Lot sweeping Prices

compact parking lot sweeping equipment

Contract Or Per Visit Pricing

Price ranges for parking lot sweeping can vary depending on a variety of factors. The size of the parking lot or job, the amount of material to be loaded and hauled away, the size of the machine(s) and the number of people required to complete the service are all factors to consider. In order for our team to successfully give an accurate service quote, an estimator will meet with the parking lot owner or a representative. After that, a quote will be provided, which will hopefully meet your budgetary requirements. We provide on-call services as well as service under contract.

Commercial Property Services

landscape maintenance calgary

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Commercial landscaping services are crucial for ensuring the aesthetic appeal of commercial premises, giving visitors and customers a pleasant first impression, and guaranteeing the safety of those who utilize the space. Property owners and managers can save time and effort while also ensuring that the landscaping is done appropriately and in accordance with local laws and standards by employing a business landscape firm to maintain their properties. We have full range of landscape and maintenance services.

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